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Embedded IW series
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AVANCE embedded speakers combine with the needs of current custom theater systems, AVANCE Sound AVANCE's acoustic concept perfectly introduces a variety of novel borderless hidden wall-mounted speakers, easy to install, perfectly hidden in the wall, i
AVANCE sound embedded speakers can be equipped with different sizes of speakers according to the space. 306 speakers use coaxial speaker units. The sound is clear and delicate, strong penetration, more realistic and subtle sound effects, can withstand 30W to 300W power, and more perfectly reproduce and restore. The shocking effect of the cinema.

Product parameters:

Frequency range 90Hz~20KHz

Rated impedance 6Ω

Sensitivity 89dB

Recommended matching power 60W~150W

High/Mid/Bass Coaxial Speaker

Net weight 7.25Kg/piece

Gross weight 7.6Kg/box

Product size (WxDxH) 270x177x350mm

Hole size (WxDxH) 290x185x370mm

Terminal Single-wiring

Place of Origin China

Theater effect: