Century MKII

Technical Parameters
Handling power 50 -200W
Frequency response 28Hz-40KHz
Sensitivity 88dB
Mid-range 1x5.25"Scan Speak
Woofer 2x8" Scan Speak 
Tweeter 1x1" Scan Speak
Size(WxDxH) 468x619X1328mm
Net weight (per pc) 103.5kg
Terminals Bi-wiring

Through all perfect details from top to toe. AVANCE new sound of Century aims to carve every single note for music and to pursue live music performance. Just like a classical paino set elegantly there any single item of the traditional rarefied craftworks, every meticulous exquisite step, all these are meant to be realized for the most refined art and live audio performance as we target at.