Classic models





In year of 1973 – AVANCE was born in Denmark, where the art palace of the Andersen fairy tale. The very first AVANCE Concrete speaker was in market from that time and was honored as Speaker of Deity from then on by the global audiophiles.

In year of 1983 – AVANCE Alpha series created as the first time the 2-ways-and-half polyphony design, which was then evaluated by the experts in audio industry as the competitive product with most advantage amongst the same level.

1988 – AVANCE Omega series was appreciated as “Classical AV Series” and it led stably the best-selling champion during the 90’s in last 20th.




In year of 1990 – AVANCE Dana series was well known for its gracious looking and refined tone, with also approximately one-hundred of the road shows, thus had gained it quite a favorable topic by myriad of audiophiles during those days.

In year of 1993 – AVANCE Signature series was created for in remembering her grand 20th anniversary celebration, with an excellence of the fine performance, it has been the best of the classical as a limited edition, and that is why each of the audiophiles is pride for owning one pair as the most glory in life.

In year of 1995 – AVANCE brought forward the Epsilon series and being her heartful devotion, this series was the concentration from design experience of more than two decades’, more than that, it was highly appreciated as the most perfect speaker among the same pricing line by the international HIFI reviewers, and was also named by the experts in ELSA AWARDS as the Leading European Audio Brand.




In year of 1997 – AVANCE Flagship, the Sound of Century, was the first speaker to creatively use metal plate in front panel, and with also only one pair of the speakers for to go about one hundred of road shows and ec., all these turned out to verify the respectable honor and significant success the Sound of Century had sought

In year of 1998 – AVANCE Sigma series used ferruginous reddish-brown as finish colour which revealing the kind of dense and riot emotions, that it exactly expressed a freshly brand-new idea for traditional AVANCE.? With each of the well matched detail, plus an undoubtedly speedy performance, that one could experience its vigorous dynamic effect.

In year of 1999 – AVANCE moved on to go through technical innovations and improvements and that was finally the continued classical Dana 2 came into being.? That was a great chapter for AVANCE’s lifelong pursuit for perfect original sound reproduction.

2001 2003 2004
In year of 2001 – AVANCE renovated the HIFI concept and the Signature MK2 emerged to market for being another remarkable success. 2003 – AVANCE Super Magnum reached to the very acme of the HIFI performance.? The fine MDF board applied to use as well as an integration with the top Scan Speak driver units, all the favorable items had constructed for the overwhelming sound quality. In year of 2004 – AVANCE Signature 8LE established its brilliant image as being the HIFI summit with its pure and precise sound effect and without any tone-coloration.? This edition was in celebration for the 31st anniversary of AVANCE AUDIO specially.