HiFi Overview

Let's now take a look at the development of her HIFI history of AVANCE AUDIO.  AVANCE had been world-widely famous because of her first creation of the Concrete speaker and, she is well known in the audio field because of her continuous dedication on producing internationally recognized HIFI speakers.  And each single piece of the AVANCE products is highly respected as the milestone of the current HIFI design.  Here again as a kind reminder to you please, the essence of music is to re-produce the origin of the sound.  With such concept, the most basic design policy of AVANCE is to bring this theory into reality.  As a result, AVANCE pay quite a close attention to application of high quality speaker driver units.  You may find out that all of the AVANCE HIFI models are using the famous ScanSpeak and Dynaudio units of which a much more expensive cost while compared to her competitors’ with a same standard. 

A kind of charming quiet and attraction is the typical design of AVANCE AUDIO.   It highlights the designs of appearance and function from product for to unit as a very sense of balance and harmony.  Thus to expose the most original Danish image in view of her design taste and classical technology while combined with polish and first-class quality.  The brand theory of AVANCE is to pursue for the top and perfect standard among those other audio brands with same pricing products, that being say, to provide to the AVANCE end user a genuine enjoyment in original sound effect and in the meantime, this also verifies the most value say of AVANCE AUDIO ---- to provide affordable luxury speakers to a larger audience.