Life style

1) Elegant Demeanour
AVANCE believes a genuine luxury comes into being with an integration of historic accumulation and perfect character, and they endeavor each other to explain for AVANCE an art hidden with humanism sense.  Not only a representative symbol for classical, but also a brand for eternal, both are the main merits AVANCE working along with, in the past, now and in future.

Being a good name among the Danish audio brands, AVANCE treasures the very amalgamation from her brand CI for enterprise and products through the well-selected materials, rarefied handicraft to every technical improvement and heartful services, and that is how each of AVANCE’s masterpiece appears in front of you.

We are proud of what we have achieved yesterday, however we are focusing more to the current trend and bearing more commitment today and meanwhile, for the future to come, we never close our eyes for a further and wider view because we clearly understand ---- all we are engaged into will finally turn out to be our indeed contribution for music lovers and in this audio industry.

Thanks to her public image of being a luxury reflection and finest annotation to audio masterwork, a vogue leader and sincere actor with the unchanged passion to original acoustic re-production, as well as her classical art upon a perfect integration from advanced technology and human civilization, AVANCE will continue to stick to her constant seeking for deep affection and profound pursuit within the audio field …

A symbol for luxury reflection, vogue leader and classic art, all these names are connected together with AVANCE because she is worthy of being owned with that connotation inside an audible and visible value.

2)News and Events