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        History witnesses classics. Today, the 40-year-old AVANCE brand has become synonymous with "Danish audio" worldwide. In the history of the development of Hi-Fi audio, AVANCE was popular all over the world because of the history of concrete speakers. Thirty years later, the color metal speakers introduced by AVANCE are unique in their design style and sound quality, and they will not continue to compromise. Forty years ago, the spirit of innovation and artwork. AVANCE was founded in 1973 by Poul Rossing (Paul Le Saint) in the coastal city of Holbeak in the Kingdom of Denmark, and developed into a world-renowned Hi-Fi brand in just a few years. AVANCE originally originated from Poul Rossing's love for music. This prestigious "sound godfather" in Europe today showed an extraordinary interest and talent in sound in his youth. At the same time, he also has extraordinary comprehension of music. As a student, he used to be a drummer of a local jazz band. This experience deeply influenced his subsequent design concepts and allowed the AVANCE brand to continue its glory for forty years.


        Poul Rossing's father is a well-known Hi-Fi audio agent in Denmark. He founded Rossing Electronics A/S. He used to be Hi-Fi audio such as Audio Research, Luxman, Fidelity Research, Audiopro, Alpine, Cabasse, etc. The sole agent of the brand in Denmark. Poul Rossing (Paul Le Saint) inherited his father's business at the age of 21 and devoted himself to the audio business. He founded Avance International A/S company to produce speakers under the AVANCE brand.


   Soon after, AVANCE launched the Hi-End speaker with asymmetrical shape using concrete material as the cabinet. The cabinet has almost no resonance and sound stain. The sound from the concrete speaker has a very high resolution and dynamic response. The mid-frequency is clean and the background is clear. Although the sales volume was not large at that time, it was highly rated in the audio circle. In particular, it is regarded as a "spirit" by enthusiasts in Europe, Japan and other countries. The successful research and development of concrete speakers not only laid the historical position of AVANCE in the field of HI-FI audio, but also made AVANCE quickly become a global famous brand from a local Danish brand.


   Due to the inconvenience of concrete speaker production, with the increase in output, AVANCE's production line was subject to many restrictions. Poul Rossing (Paul Le Saint) then turned to the production of wooden speakers. Denmark is a small country surrounded by water. At first, it was just an island with a long coastline. The sea was rippling around it. The landform of Denmark was flat, elegant and charming. Beech growing in its special climate environment is one of the best materials for making speakers. As a result, AVANCE's solid wood speakers quickly gained a high reputation worldwide.


        In 1997, AVANCE joined Milad Kahfizadeh, an outstanding electro-acoustic design engineer, together with Poul Rossing to design and develop AVANCE products. The staff attaches great importance to scientific and objective data research in speaker design. In AVANCE's R&D base, they use precision equipment to assist in design, supplemented by a large number of actual auditions, and even organized an audition team composed of independent experts.


   "The essence of sound lies in restoring the true sound" is AVANCE's understanding of sound, and is also the basic principle of AVANCE design products. Therefore, AVANCE attaches great importance to the application of high-quality speaker units. In most products of AVANCE, units tailored for AVANCE by Danish HI-FI speaker manufacturers Scan-speak and Dynaudio are used. To measure by the standard, the cost of AVANCE invested in the unit is many times more expensive.


  AVANCE's design style is famous for its quietness and charm. It combines appearance design and functional design to form a highly unified unity of balance and coordination. With excellent and superior production technology, it represents the design taste of Denmark. AVANCE AVANCE's brand concept is to pursue high standards and perfect practices at the same price. The well-known European audio magazines and equipment evaluation organizations "EISA", "THE HOME THERTER MAGAZINE", "TEST VINDER" recognized and awarded AVANCE The medal is enough to prove that AVANCE deserves its name in terms of practicality and cost performance.