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Concrete speaker——AVANCE innovatively uses concrete to make speakers, which soon caused a great sensation in the global audio industry, and was even regarded as a god by local audiophiles in Japan.


   Independent split design-to eliminate the occurrence of sound stains in the cabinet, reduce the resonance caused by low frequency work to the middle and high frequencies and produce distortion.


   Labyrinth box——Using the design of the labyrinth box, the big dynamics of the small box become a reality, and the small size bass unit will give the most powerful low frequency effect.


Independent dual-sound room structure——Completely solved the disadvantages of traditional wall-mounted speakers that are caused by multiple different frequency units sharing a box, which is the muddy sound, the level is not clear, and the sound cannot be truly restored, so that the sound played by the entire speaker The level is clear, and every detail in the music can be restored with high fidelity.


   U-shaped integrated box-the box boldly combines straight lines and arcs perfectly, even the top of the box is creatively used in an isolated structure, making the entire box lines delicate, smooth and natural. Whether you appreciate it from any angle, it fully embodies the rich connotation of the Danish AVANCE, and at the same time it is a work of art that you can never tire of.


  ◆Gradually damping base——It realizes the purpose of damping layers of the most prone resonance in the cabinet, and finally achieves the goal of zero resonance, and makes the entire cabinet more beautiful and smooth.


Second-order filter frequency division scheme-through the precise auxiliary design of the computer, the reasonable frequency band division of each unit is realized, and the working frequency bands are smoothly and smoothly connected, and this frequency division circuit requires strict strictness for each component Careful selection must have the characteristics of magneto-resistance, to prevent electromagnetic interference between components and cross-frequency circuit boards to the speaker unit, and ultimately restore high-fidelity sound quality.


Embedded hemispherical natural silk soft film tweeter-special coating makes the tweeter sound film softer. The biggest advantage of this high-tech technical treatment is that it can effectively solve the problems that high frequencies are most likely to produce during work. The phase shift increases the high-frequency audio range, avoiding the harsh feeling easily caused by too high treble directivity, and making the entire treble slender and soft.


   Jet horn guide hole technology-using the principle of propulsive jet design, to achieve the purpose of enhancing the sense of low-frequency volume and strength.


   Tube-type aftertone tweeter——The aftertone tweeter itself has light texture, high sensitivity, good heat resistance and sufficient upper limit. The performance range is from 16K to 25K, so that we can hear more high-pitched details. Designed in a 15CM separate cone-shaped wooden box, using the inherent characteristics of the wood, the treble sound is more transparent and bright.


    360° all-round ultra-high frequency loudspeaker-the ultra-high frequency unit adopts a new patented crystal diamond ring metal foil diaphragm, the entire speaker design is alloyed and uses a fully enclosed mushroom-shaped resonance sound generation mode. The technical core of this patent is that when the sound source signal passes through the metal foil diaphragm, the sound in the horizontal direction is non-directional, so that the effective sound field propagation can be obtained at any position in the entire space, and its ultra-high frequency band can reach up to 100kHz.