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AVANCE only uses high-quality units-the horn unit is as important as the engine of a luxury car. AVANCE is convinced that only by using the highest quality speaker units can the speakers have the best replay effect.


   In order to guarantee the extremely high-quality pursuit of AVANCE products, the requirements for the speaker unit can be regarded as almost harsh, so the speaker unit manufacturing partner selected by AVANCE can also be called the industry leader level. There are many world-famous speaker unit manufacturers in Denmark. For nearly half a century, Danish AVANCE Sound has cooperated with SCAN SPEAK, a famous speaker unit manufacturer, to apply SCAN SPEAK to the classic speaker unit tailored for AVANCE Sound. Epsilon series, Alpha series, Century and the new generation of Magnum series and other AVANCE products.


  AVANCE Audio has maintained close and good technical cooperation with SCAN SPEAK, the world's most outstanding audio unit manufacturer, for decades, which makes AVANCE have a strong advantage in the use and development of speaker units. Good steel needs good minerals, good dairy cows need good pastures, and AVANCE has the most reasonable cost of ownership and best fits its own horn unit.