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Dana 3
The artwork-like rosewood cabinet can't be found in any products of the same level, and the speaker has such an artistic flavor. AVANCE's strategic partner ScanSpeak's double-loop sound-guided rubidium magnetic tweeter specially tailored for D

Dana 3 uses ScanSpeak's new high-density composite material cone's mid-range and woofer. The texture is light and soft, and the toughness is extremely strong, ensuring the ease of expansion and extensibility of the large dynamic low-frequency effect. The special height arrangement of the four nail feet on the bottom of the speaker by the Danish AVANCE engineer has changed the combination of the woofer and the ground, thereby improving the low-frequency speed and bass diffusion, so that Dana3/Dana5 has a high level of low-frequency performance. Not only the ingenious production process, the impeccable sound balance, the outstanding timbre and music sense, and the extremely efficient sound characteristics make Dana3/Dana5 a better choice for today's international HIFI audiophile speakers of the same price.

Product parameters:

Frequency range 38Hz~30KHz

Rated impedance 4Ω

Sensitivity 86dB

Recommended matching power 100W~200W

Tweeter 1x1"Scanspeak

Midrange unit 1x5.25" Scanspeak

Woofer 2x6.5" Scanspeak

Product Net Weight 25Kg/pc

Product size 230x340x1145mm

Terminal block