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Although PA-08 is small and compact, it creates an exceptionally full and powerful bass effect. It uses the woofer independently developed by AVANCE and the technology of reflected sound speakers. The spread is extremely wide, which meets the needs of mod



There is an essential difference from the traditional KTV speakers-break through the traditional KTV speakers only style, no major defects in sound quality. AVANCE's global KTV speakers truly meet the all-round high requirements of modern families for audio-visual entertainment, viewing, listening and singing, and realize the high unity of modern KTV speakers for practical performance and fashionable appearance.


Over the years, it has been refined through more than 100 improvements. It is not limited by the positioning, and it easily creates a rich three-dimensional sense and step sound pressure. It has strong adaptability and makes the sound quality more beautiful.


The woofer independently developed and produced by AVANCE, combined with the reflective sound speaker technology, has a very wide spread and can create an extremely full and powerful bass effect. The high-pitched sound of aftertone technology makes PA-08 have a clear vocal and natural image, and it also feels the sense of stereo surround in every corner of the room. The effect is excellent.

Product parameters:

Frequency response range 50Hz~20KHz

Rated impedance 8Ω

Sensitivity 90dB

Rated power 100W~200W

Tweeter 2x3"

Woofer 1x8"

Net weight 8.25Kg/piece

Product size 445x255x265mm

Terminal block

KTV effect: