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Private Cinema

1. Program Overview


With the rapid development of the domestic film industry, domestic consumers are also increasingly accustomed to the consumption habits of paying for movies. For example, it took only half a month to catch the monster to reach 2.38 billion yuan; and Hong Kong embarrassment has accumulated 1.54 billion yuan at the box office as of October 11. Driven by the dual advancement of market progress and changes in consumer habits, traditional movie theaters have been unable to meet the rapid growth in the number of viewers and the demand for viewing.


Private movie bar is an investment project that gradually became hot last year. With its private and comfortable space and good movie viewing effect, it attracts a group of young people who are mainly post-90s and has become one of the first places for party and leisure. Larger-scale private movie bars generally adopt mature on-demand systems and share models. This method has a high threshold and a large initial investment cost, which is probably not suitable for private film bar owners. However, due to the lack of a complete on-demand system, technical services and copyright support, many smaller movie bars are still using network non-HD film sources for playback, which greatly affects the viewing experience and the quality of the movie bar service. Therefore, it is one of our primary goals to launch a set of solutions that can be set up and solve the above problems as quickly as possible for private movie bars.


2. Introduction


The Weidong private video bar solution uses the Weidong professional video cabinet as the core of the video bar on-demand system, manages the high-definition film source through the video bar version of the Weidong server, and pushes it to the terminal of each room of the video bar for playback. The characteristics are as follows:


-Use the Weidong server + Weidong video and audio as an on-demand system with comprehensive functions


-The professional video cabinet has good stability and large expandable space


-One server can realize on-demand movies from several to dozens of private rooms


-Support HD Blu-ray original disk playback, 3D HD playback


-Centralized management and control of equipment in each room


-Supports all active audio, 5.1 / 7.1 / 9.1 home theater amplifier audio


-Support wireless video playback control and volume adjustment (mobile phone/tablet download App)


Shadow bar solution system diagram


The plan mainly includes three parts: core system, supporting system and supporting software for shadow bar.


Core system (shadow bar server/shadow cabinet)




1. Professional Video Cabinet




Professional-grade storage cabinet for video cabinets, providing support for a stable video bar on-demand system


2. Hard Disk


Choose according to capacity and demand (how much capacity corresponds to how many units)


3. Switch


Choose 8-48 Gigabit switches according to capacity


4. Router


Recommend to use enterprise router


5. Wireless AP


According to the area, size, number of rooms, etc., select multiple APs to provide wireless services (for the use of App remote control terminals)


Detailed configuration documents of core components will be launched soon


Supporting system (private room equipment)




1. Projection screen/TV




Projection screen can choose 100-150 inch screen, also can choose 1080P (3D) TV


2. Professional player


A high-end and professional-looking player with high-end appearance and 3D, 7.1 and other high-end audio and video technical support


3. Projector


Choose 1080P 3D projector according to the needs and the needs of the shadow room


4. Audio amplifier


Choose two-channel active audio or 5.1 / 7.1 / 9.1 channel amplifier + audio according to your needs


5. 3D glasses


If you choose to have a 3D function when choosing a projector and TV, you need to match the corresponding 3D glasses


Yingba is free to decide the function and brand selection of the audiovisual equipment in the Yingba room according to the cost.


Supporting Software for Shadow Bar


Server movie bar version: As a server/video cabinet to manage movies for each terminal to order.


Video, Audio and Video Version: As a video terminal, it is responsible for playing in various rooms.


*The Shadow Bar version is currently under development and will have more customized features.


3. Project topology


1. Install the server in the dedicated shadow cabinet and add the film source


2. The server manages movies/TV series/videos


3. Connect the server to the playback terminal of each room of the shadow bar through a Gigabit switch


4. Use professional-grade players as terminals in each room of the Shadow Bar


5. Purchasing the corresponding power amplifier/TV/projector+curtain according to the demand, and connecting with professional player


6. If the wireless AP can cover all rooms, you can use the App to select, play, and control the terminal.




4. Function introduction


The shadow bar solution is currently in the 1.0 development test. Although the supporting operation functions of the shadow bar are temporarily lacking, for private movie bars, it can fully meet the needs of multi-room HD on-demand and audio and video surround effects. Here mainly introduces two aspects of the function of the shadow bar program.


A: In terms of server functions (shadow bar core system)


(1) Add, delete, and customize media library functions


The media library can add, manage, and delete thousands of movie files with naming conventions, and automatically obtain meta information from the Internet based on the file name, download movie posters, cast tables, details, etc., and turn the file into a poster wall. In this way, a large number of local movies can be turned into shadow bar on-demand resources at the fastest speed.


(2) Customize all media information, posters and other content


In addition to operating the media library, the server also allows the movie bar to make custom edits to the movie content, such as replacing the posters, details, and background of individual movies. Combined with the above custom media library, it is convenient for private movie bars to customize the on-demand content transmitted to the movie bar suites, such as anime suites, couple suites, etc., which can create a poster wall interface and media library that are more customized.


(3) Multi-terminal simultaneous on demand, support 3D 1080P Blu-ray source hardware decoding


Support multi-room simultaneous on-demand, adapt to the expansion needs of the shadow bar. According to the source size and bit rate, it can support up to 50 rooms. And for the private scale movies with 10-20 rooms in general, it can play 1080P 3D Blu-ray sources smoothly and steadily.


(4) More functions are under development


-User system permission function: Allow specific users to access specific media libraries.


-Genuine authorization plan: It will be online after the full upgrade of Server Shadow Bar 2.0.


B: Terminal function


At present, the terminal of the video bar solution refers to a professional-grade player. By installing the audio-visual TV version, the movie is played on the projection screen.


(1) It can be connected to the server in the same local area network.


The user function currently under development can ensure that only a specific media library is accessed after a specific room is connected to the server.


(2) Synchronous display of media content on the server


After connecting to the server, the media content displayed on the server will also be classified according to movies, TV series, and videos, and displayed on the terminal in the form of a poster wall. The meta information of the movie, such as movie posters, casts, details, etc. is also essential. The shadow bar version will add more custom functions in the future, such as customization of the terminal access to the media library interface, marquee advertisements, etc., to facilitate the shadow bar to push its own operation information.


(3) Classification screening


The user can sort and filter the movie content in the server in the movie bar terminal to quickly find the movie.


At present, it supports filtering by types of casts, etc., and more filtering conditions will be added in subsequent versions.


(4) Powerful playback function


Perfect support for Blu-ray source and other mainstream high-definition formats, without freezing. At the same time, some models also support BD-J Blu-ray navigation and next-generation audio track functions. In addition, the playback terminal supports 5.1, 7.1, and 9.1 power amplifier sub-era transparent transmission, which fully satisfies the pursuit of audio and video effects and playback experience.


Interested owners can get in touch with our engineers and account managers through the contact information below. We will provide you with tailor-made services and more detailed technical solutions.