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KTV Digital Entertainment

KTV informatization refers to the integration of cutting-edge technologies such as network communication, audio and video processing, streaming media, mobile internet, cloud computing, etc. through computer hardware, software, and peripheral supporting equipment to more intelligently, conveniently, and efficiently meet consumers' richer entertainment Demand, and a series of processes to improve the level of KTV management. Based on this, a series of KTV informatization overall solutions have been formed.


The overall KTV digital entertainment solution is oriented to the needs of different target groups such as KTV investors, K-field managers, consumers, and provides customers with "one-stop" product solutions and satisfactory high-quality service solutions. The program includes sub-programs such as online version of KTV on demand, 360-degree entertainment management, K-field information value-added, mobile Internet, K-meter network service and K-field operation. From the orientation, it meets the comprehensive entertainment needs of consumers such as human-machine entertainment, networked entertainment, social entertainment, and interactive entertainment for everyone, and at the same time, it also meets the management needs, operation needs, remote maintenance and system maintenance of K-field operators from different levels. Comprehensive requirements for seamless upgrades.


KTV scheme schematic


Sub-program composition


On-demand solutions


  A Set-top box karaoke machine


  B 歌歌台


  C Performance Hall Photography


  D Video data center




Informatization value-added solution


  E Mobile VOD system


  F Doorplate machine system


  G Video Wallboard Interactive System




Remote service solution


  R Remote resource management


  S Remote maintenance


  T Information marketing value-added services


Management solution


  H Management Data Center


  I Consulting module


  J Cash register module


  K Production Module


  L Supermarket POS module


  M mobile management module


  N wine storage management module


  O Warehouse management module


  P Management Decision Analysis System


  Q Customer self-service terminal