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Multi-Function Hall

With the continuous development of information technology, in addition to meeting the traditional and simple meeting requirements, a modern multifunctional conference room should also have elegant sound quality and clear image presentation. It consists of large screen display, multimedia audio and video signal source, audio, switching and central integrated control. It selects DVD and video recorder with advanced functions and physical and graphic transmitters to restore its image through a large screen projector. The central integrated control equipment controls all audio-visual equipment, signal switching, lighting, screen lifting, volume adjustment and other functions in the room, which greatly improves the efficiency of the meeting and simplifies complex operations. It can be used by everyone without professional knowledge.


Danish AVANCE Multi-function Hall Conference System Solution Sharing


      This design solution realizes the seamless connection between the digital conference system and the central control system. It integrates the sound reinforcement system, conference discussion system, simultaneous interpretation system, voting system, automatic tracking camera system, multimedia video system and network video conference. Multiple subsystems such as the system; under the control of the wireless touch screen, through the central integrated control system, the above subsystems and the entire conference environment are organically combined into a whole, which realizes the intelligent management of the conference.


1. Hand in hand conference system


The conference room configuration uses a hand-in-hand conference system. All microphones in the system are connected in series with a dedicated line, and finally to the conference host, just like hand in hand. When communicating in large and medium-sized group meetings, there are many speakers at the conference, and the hand-in-hand conference speech system can ensure that everyone can speak conveniently and at the same time it is convenient for conference management.


    The system is generally controlled by a chairman speaker (control machine) to control multiple delegate speakers. The system composition and functions are as follows:


    Chairman speaking machine: It has the priority to speak, control speaking rights and system setting rights; each system is equipped with a chairman machine;


    Vice-chairman's speaking machine: It has priority to speak and control speaking; each system is equipped with a vice-chairman's machine;


    Delegate speaker: It has the functions of applying for speaking, queuing and listening, and each system can set up 5~120 speech representatives;


    Conference host: accept the command of the chairman machine and control the delegate machine


Conference audio-voting system.jpg


 Second, the voting system


    The voting function is added to each device of the conference discussion system for elections and voting meetings. Its main equipment includes:


    Vote voting device: Let the delegates use to vote;


    Data display: used to display information such as meeting agenda, delegates and meeting background information, voting results, etc.;


    Representative identity manager: used to confirm representative identity;


    Voting management software: This software is used to manage complex voting-type meetings, with microphone management, voting management, sign-in management, simultaneous interpretation system management and other functional modules.


3. Simultaneous interpretation


    Used for international conference exchanges. In the process of meeting together with multilingual participants, when a representative in any language speaks, the simultaneous interpreter will instantly translate into other languages, and it will be delivered to each participant through the language distribution system, so that they can Choose the language you understand to achieve the purpose of multilingual communication.


    The system adds the language channel selection function in the simultaneous interpretation system to each device of the conference discussion system, and adds the following equipment components accordingly:


    Translator machine: Let the translator transmit the translated language to the system, and let the delegates choose to listen;


    Language distribution system: The language distribution system of the simultaneous interpretation system can be divided into wireless or wired:


    Wireless type-mobile use, high equipment and space utilization rate, the disadvantage is that the equipment is expensive and the confidentiality is not as good as the wired type; infrared wireless systems are now mostly used, and the performance is stable. Infrared cannot pass through the wall and has confidentiality;


    Wired type-cheap equipment, stable performance, low maintenance cost, and confidentiality; the disadvantage is that the construction is more complicated and it is not convenient for mobile use.