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Our mission

AVANCE's brand strategy has a legendary beauty since its establishment. As one of the few audio companies that has maintained rapid growth for more than 30 years, the first pair of "concrete speakers" created by AVANCE in 1973 were launched by enthusiasts as a god, followed by the Yafa series, the Mailin series, The Voice of the Century has opened a brilliant road to music, and the AVANCE has left a monument to the history of the world’s audio for more than thirty years.


  What is the essence of audio? This is a problem that plagues many audio brands. In the AVANCE, this question was given by Paul Le Saint, the founder of the AVANCE, at the beginning of the establishment of the enterprise-the essence of audio is to restore the true sound and penetrate it into the soul of each AVANCE product. inside. Such a clear expression also makes us always committed to providing the best audio products for all music lovers in the world. Of course, this is one of the reasons why thousands of music lovers choose the AVANCE!


"AVANCE-Restore True Voice"


Fashion: Denmark has a strong Nordic style, a paradise of art, and every product of the AVANCE incorporates this fashion style into it. Make every product as exquisite as works of art.


Innovation: cutting-edge audio research and development technology coupled with rigorous Danish audio production, AVANCE has the design and manufacturing of products with a height and innovative spirit that other brands cannot match, and meets the most accurate requirements in product playback .


Respect: Starting from the design, development, production and sales of products, AVANCE respects every key point of success and tries to make it more perfect.


Enthusiasm: AVANCE, let us start from the heart of the customer service concept, with service as a breakthrough to establish the core value of the enterprise, formed a set of perfect service model,


   Specialized stores and customer service centers around the world will serve you warmly and thoughtfully.


Excellence: Adhering to the concept of restoring true sound, AVANCE products are suitable for every high-quality and high-quality consumer. From the pursuit of HIEND realm AVANCE HIFI products, home entertainment AV products to make people feel warm and fashionable MINI products. All meet your different requirements.


Value: The only value of AVANCE is to be able to get praise and recognition from every customer.