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Stage Sound Series
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◆Professional 15-inch speakers can be used in theaters, auditoriums, stadiums, large conference halls, multi-function halls, churches, main sound reinforcement, medium-sized outdoor commercial performances, etc.;

◆Multi-purpose four-sided trapezoidal box design, K-415 speaker's clean and simple appearance, steel mesh groove design, highlight the high-end atmosphere of this product grade, the design is stable and elegant. Can be used for main sound reinforcement or auxiliary sound supplement, two-way frequency design, high cost performance;

◆The mid-to-high frequency part adopts straight-through crossover design; presents the most original mid-to-high sound quality. In outdoor performances and language sound reinforcement occasions, the high-frequency is delicate and penetrating, and the mid-range is clear and clean;

◆ 5 hanging installation points, can be hung horizontally or vertically; with bracket jack at the bottom;

◆Two-way 15-inch low-frequency driver unit and 1.7-inch compression-driven tweeter unit

Product model: K-415

System type: 2-way 1x15"

Unit composition: Treble: 1*1 inch throat plug/1*1.7 inch voice coil;

Bass: 15 inch woofer/1* 2.6 inch voice coil;

Frequency response (±3dB): 48Hz-20KHz;

Coverage angle: 80 degrees (H) × 60 degrees (V);

Sensitivity (1W/1m): 97dB/1W 1 meter;

Continuous sound pressure level: 122dB;

Peak sound pressure level: 128dB;

Standard impedance: 8Ω;

Input power: 300W (rated)/600W (peak);

Box plate: 15mm medium fiber plate;

Installation method: 5 M8 lifting screw holes; 1 bottom support hole;

Mesh: Hexagonal mesh made of molded steel;

Input connector: 2 NL4 sockets;

Connection: 1+, 1- or 2+, 2-;

Product size (W×D×H): 482.1×447×710mm;

Net weight: 27Kg;