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Conference Hall

Danish AVANCE audio manufacturers have been market-oriented, producing high-quality professional audio equipment; customer-centric, providing cost-effective conference room audio system solutions. Set up the sound system according to the actual needs, aiming to provide users with a stable, reliable, safe and convenient sound system and an efficient meeting working environment; The construction of the Danish AVANCE conference room sound system is based on the premise of advancement, practicability, and reliability, while taking into account economics. , Flexibility, expandability, the pursuit of establishing a system structure in line with development, to ensure the future system is easy to use and easy to maintain.


Danish AVANCE Conference Room Audio System Solution


This solution is designed by a Danish AVANCE audio manufacturer for a unit meeting room. The indoor area is about 2000 square meters. It is used for daily meetings, technical training, academic reports, etc. It can also be used as a multi-function hall for small performances. If you want to have a solution for your own conference room audio system, please contact the Danish AVANCE audio manufacturer to provide on-site survey services and configure a one-to-one conference room audio system solution.


Danish AVANCE Conference Room Audio System Solution


The sound system of the 2000-square-meter conference room has a single configuration, and the speakers are: full-frequency main expansion speakers, subwoofer speakers, listening speakers, lip speakers, and back-field fill surround speakers. Power amplifier part: full-frequency main expansion speaker power amplifier, subwoofer power amplifier, back listening speaker power amplifier, lip speaker power amplifier, back field supplementary sound box power amplifier. Peripheral equipment: audio processor, mixer, effect device, power manager, wireless microphone, monitor earphone, monitor speaker, CD player, cabinet and wire. (For detailed parameters and prices, please contact the customer service of Danish AVANCE Audio website)