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King Series

Noble and luxurious, elegant and timeless style

blending the handwriting of the masters of AVANCE International

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Time reinvents the classics, K5 flashes the dazzling light of European classical beauty with restrained elegance. Because of inheriting the noble blood of the Danish AVANCE, every gene in K5 pursues a highly unified beauty. The precious piano sound wood h


1.6 different diameter arc box structure design

2. The specially designed thickened front panel increases the rigidity and strength of the cabinet and fixes the speaker unit

3. Using expensive piano castanets

4. Double unit, same material, same caliber design widens the sound field range

5. Aluminum titanium alloy unit diaphragm

6. Filter buck shallow horn treble

7. Square core copper core point formal differential frequency converter integrated one-piece two-phase inverter design

8. Embedded cone metal ring

9. Zinc aluminum alloy equivalent expansion ring

10. Curved analog suspended base to ensure perfect presentation of sound

Product parameters:

Frequency range 50Hz~20KHz

Rated impedance 8Ω

Sensitivity 87dB

Recommended matching power 50W~120W

Tweeter 1x1" silk film super tweeter, antimagnetic protection ф28 core silk film tweeter, antimagnetic protection

Midrange unit 2x4" bass side paper cone

Woofer 1x8 "integrated aluminum basin, PU side

Net weight 29Kg/piece

Product size 251x460x1281mm

Terminal block Gold-plated terminal two-wire crossover

Home renderings: