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Stage Sound Series
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With more than 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing audio equipment and advanced analog signal processing and acoustic technology capabilities, Danish AVANCE has applied a large number of digital technology methods including new and impro


The K series professional stage box adopts a sturdy, non-resonant box body. The intention of this design is to reduce the vibration caused by the high-level output, thereby ensuring less distortion and higher sound quality. The field-tested cabinet is equipped with a heavy steel mesh cover and an ergonomic handle, which improves durability and portability.

Units have undergone rigorous screening and comprehensive custom design in order to give full play to performance. In order to fully realize the performance potential, the detailed characteristics and operation modes of various units are comprehensively analyzed and evaluated through complex computer simulations. The high-power woofer has a low distortion rate and high accuracy, which can produce deep low frequencies, and the precision compressed directional horn tweeter can restore accurate mid-to-high frequencies. The upper limit of frequency response can reach 20kHz or higher.

Product parameters:

Frequency response range 55Hz~20KHz

Rated impedance 6Ω

Sensitivity 95dB

Rated power 300W~600W

Tweeter 1x44 core titanium membrane tweeter

Low/midrange unit 1x12"W cloth edge paper cone

Net weight 23.5Kg/piece

Gross weight 27.5Kg/piece

Product size 370x365x620mm

Packing size 472x467x708mm

Terminal block

Country of origin China

KTV effect: