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The design of Century Audio’s cabinet is ingenious

Reveal the outstanding speakers in the world. 

Each speaker in this series has diamond-like clarity

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Century 6 is the smaller model in the Century series. It adopts the speaker terminal WBT-0710 that has just been launched by German WBT. It not only has a unique leading design, but also further improves the accuracy of signal restoration, and the current

In the new century, AVANCE once again embodies the advantages of daring to innovate. The flagship Century series speakers launched in 2011 adopt Scan-speak high-end units,


Non-resonance multi-chamber low-frequency compression technology, Italian craft rosewood amber piano lacquer box, 24K gold-plated LOGO and excellent performance WBT terminal blocks, plus fully enclosed independent chamber design technology and multi-angle reflection design technology, once again broke The silence of the audio industry for more than thirty years.


The new flagship series adopts Scan-speak's newly developed Revelator tweeter. Its double-folded ring diaphragm and patented phase cone design break the tradition, allowing high-frequency response to reach more than 40KHz, and the patented SD-2 neodymium basin symmetrical drive system It also reduces distortion, enhances fidelity, and makes the quality of high-frequency sounds more transparent and bright. The mid-range and low-frequency parts use Scan-speak classic units, and its patented SD-1 symmetric drive magnetic circuit system technology makes the mid-low frequency more full and strong.


The cabinet is also connected with the German WBT original terminal connection, 6N high-purity oxygen-free copper material, combined with a special fever grade wire, which can minimize the signal when connected to the speaker. The vertical two-wire crossover design meets the professional wiring method of audiophiles with very high cost performance. It can independently promote the high and low units, effectively eliminating phase drift. The gold-plated connecting rod can withstand the impact of large currents, has more high-frequency transmission characteristics, and the sound is more pure and non-staining, transparent and bright.

Product parameters:

Frequency range 30Hz~40KHz

Rated impedance 4Ω

Sensitivity 89dB

Recommended matching power 50W~200W

Tweeter 1x1"Scanspeak

Midrange unit 1x5.25" Scanspeak

Woofer 2x8" Scanspeak

Product net weight 67Kg/piece

Product size 398x506x1225mm

Terminal block Bi-wiring

Home renderings: