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SCAN-SPEAK high-end fever unit configuration


The crossover adopts the unique joint design of the AVANCE

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The high-end SCANSPEAK fever unit configuration, ultra-high power and sensitivity, make the sound effect amazingly powerful, and there are professional reinforcement ribs inside, which effectively suppresses the resonance of the cabinet under large dynami

The entire line uses SCANSPEAK tailor-made high-end units for AVANCE Sound, up to 250W of power, 30/20000HZ frequency response, 89.5DB high sensitivity, and KEVLAR's high-quality bulletproof fiber basin, 24K gold-plated wire crossover speaker wiring At this point, the mid-bass phase plug of the golden bullet head fully inspires you to the new realm of HI-FI.


The tweeter is ScanSpeak's current high-end dual-fold ring diaphragm ultra-dynamic unit. The sharp phase cone at the center of the silk diaphragm is conducive to improving the extension of UHF; the mid-bass unit is also ScanSpeak's high-end product. Made of organic polymers of high-strength materials such as magnesium and silicon, the voice coil is made of copper-clad aluminum wire, and the basin frame is also designed to prevent eddy current. The sound performance is very comprehensive, the treble is delicate and soft, the transient response is excellent, and the texture brought by the restoration of vocals and strings is very strong. The timbre orientation of the mid-range part is thick and mellow. It is excellent in expressing classical music when playing classical music. It is magnificent and free to send and receive; the sound of woodwind instruments is restored to a strong sense of reality, and the tone of the string group is also very good. , That is a rare, very natural balance performance.

Product parameters:

Frequency range 30Hz~20KHz

Rated impedance 4Ω

Sensitivity 87dB

Recommended matching power 50W~200W

Tweeter 1x1"Scanspeak

Low/midrange unit 2x8" Scanspeak

Product Net Weight 41Kg/pc

Product size 245x526x1120mm

Terminal block

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