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International honors

AVANCE is well-known in the global HI-FI audio field for producing famous products. Every stage of AVANCE products are regarded as contemporary HI-FI audio


Design milestones. AVANCE has been selected by the global authoritative professional magazines "Hi-Fi Technology", "Elsa Awards", "Home Theater",


"Feast of Famous Products" endowed the market with the most well-known speaker brands, European speaker leading brands, readers' favorite imported audio brands and other awards, and unanimously affirmed its status.


1. "Hi-Fi technology", the most authoritative professional audio magazine in Europe, the most well-known speaker brand in 1999/2000.


2. "HOME Theater", a well-known professional journal in the world, is the most outstanding speaker brand in 1999 and the favorite of readers in 2001.


3. It is praised by hi-Fi reviews around the world as the most perfect speaker brand in the same price range; and it is rated as the leading speaker brand in Europe by the expert-level publication "EISA AWARDS".


4. "The Best Value Bookshelf Loudspeaker" Award of the Best Audio and Video Award in 1997, the best audio and video magazine in Hong Kong. "The best audio-visual" 1999 "The Best Speaker" in the 99 Best Audio-visual Awards.


5. Awarded by China Audio and Video Professional Magazine "Audiovisual Technology": The most popular imported brand by Chinese consumers.


6. The global authoritative luxury fashion brand shopping guidebook "Feast of Famous Products" 2007 and 2008 have AVANCEed AVANCE Audio as the world's second best-known audio-visual brand!