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Ceiling speakers
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RX168 Ceiling Ceiling Speaker-As a heavy member in public address system, it can be installed on the ceiling. The ultra-thin integrated structure design of all-metal shell is adopted. The impedance converter and the terminal are installed on the horn basi



1. Practical and beautiful professional design


2. High sensitivity, wide coverage, fine and clear sound


3. AVANCE has unique SXI support structure, elegant appearance and easy installation


4. All stainless steel mesh dustproof design, safe and reliable


5. Moisture-proof design greatly improves the reliability of the system


6. The speaker unit adopts AVANCE customized voice coil


7. Full-frequency design of double vibrating basin


8. Compact and simple metal mounting clip design


9. With detailed sound analysis capabilities, it belongs to the hidden built-in hidden speaker

Frequency range 100Hz~20KHz

Rated impedance 8Ω

Sensitivity 88dB

Recommended matching power 20W~60W

Tweeter   1x1" silk film tweeter

Low/midrange unit 1x6.5" black bulletproof braided basin with rubber trim

Net weight 1.2Kg/piece

Gross weight 3Kg/carton

Product size (WxDxH) Φ227x98mm

Hole size (WxDxH) Φ205mm

Packing size (WxDxH) 555x255x208mm

Terminal block

Place of Origin China