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IW Series
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How can we integrate multi-channel speaker systems into fashionable homes more concisely? AVANCE has launched a new ultra-thin IW series embedded wall-mounted speaker system for stylish home and professional home theater environments.
For the acoustic problems of ultra-thin speakers, AVANCE uses ScanSpeak's newly developed mid-bass and tweeters to bring a thicker and brighter sound performance through innovative technology. The tweeter is a folded ring diaphragm bullet head ultra-dynamic unit specially customized by ScanSpeak. The phase cone of the bullet head located in the center of the silk diaphragm is beneficial to improve the extension of high frequencies; the mid-bass unit is also ScanSpeak's high-end product. Made of high-strength organic polymer, coupled with the unique damping coating of the crown, the voice coil is made of copper-clad aluminum wire, and the frame is designed with anti-eddy current. The sound performance is very comprehensive, the treble is slender and soft, the transient response is excellent, and the texture brought by the restoration of vocals and strings is quite strong. Play different types of surround sound programs, including exciting action movies, splendid large-scale concerts and symphonies, and meticulous and beautiful multi-channel Hi-Fi music. The sound style of IW-88 is fully displayed in front of your eyes-thick and smooth tone , Rich detail and good sound balance of enveloping.

Product parameters:

Frequency range                                  65Hz~20KHz

Rated impedance                                 6Ω

Sensitivity                                             89dB

Recommended matching power          80W~200W

Tweeter                                                1x1" Scanspeak

Mid/woofer                                           2x6.5" Scanspeak

Net weight                                           10kg/piece

Gross weight                                       11kg/carton

Product size (WxDxH)                         280x122x710 mm

Hole size (WxDxH)                              260x120x690 mm

Wiring terminal                                    Single wire partial tone

Place of Origin                                     Denmark

Theater effect: