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1973 AVANCE was born in Andersen's fairy tale art capital-Denmark. And for the first time, the concrete speaker was launched, which was praised by the world's top enthusiasts as a god. The successful research and development of concrete has made AVANCE quickly become a global well-known brand from a local brand.


In 1983, the ALPHA series firstly designed the two-way half and multi-sound room design, and was rated as the most cost-effective product of the same level by industry experts.


In 1988, the OMEGA Yamijia series was hailed as the "Classic AV Audio King" and sat firmly on the sales champion in the 1990s. In the same year, branches were established in developed countries such as the United States, Britain, Germany, France and Japan.


In 1990, the strong entry into the Chinese market became one of the first imported audio brands to enter the Chinese market. Launched DANA series, elegant appearance, stunning sound quality, and nearly 200 special concerts, which were enjoyed by thousands of enthusiasts.


In 1993, the Signature series was launched by AVANCE in order to commemorate the company's grand twentieth anniversary celebration. Because the production process requires very demanding craftsmanship, it has become a classic among the classics. So it can only be sold in limited editions, so that every audiophile has it


The highest honor!


In 1995, in order to meet the needs of audiophiles, AVANCE Audio launched AVANCE's beloved AVANCE Epsilon series with more than 20 years of speaker design experience and hard work. It was praised by HI-FI critics around the world as the most perfect speaker product in its price range. And was awarded the honor of leading speaker brand in Europe by the expert-level professional publication "ELSA. AWARDS".


In 1997, the flagship of CENTURY Voice of the Century AVANCE was the world's first metal plate. It was the first to hold hundreds of music demonstrations with only two pairs of speakers, and more than a thousand people participated in the music demonstration to verify the world's best.


In 1998, the Sigma series boldly adopted the iron red box color, which was intense and unrestrained, reflecting the subversive and creative concept of AVANCE Audio. Every detail is perfectly configured, the speed is as fast as lightning, and the dynamic is as fast as thunder.


In 2001, the new century AVANCE stone broke the ground and launched a creative new signature MKII series with a style different from the past, reaching the pinnacle of classic superb! And held a world advanced music appreciation meeting, to meet the world's top enthusiasts and zero-distance contact with the AVANCE, enjoy the best quality audio and video in Denmark.


In 2003, Super magnum had a fever until the peak! AVANCE engineers pioneered the use of high-quality MDF boards, and the top-level scan speak fever unit configuration, making the sound effect amazing.


In 2004, in order to celebrate the glorious celebration of the 30th anniversary, the AVANCE hall-level masters solemnly launched the signature 8LE limited edition, mellow and rigorous, without any dyeing, pointing directly to the highest state of HI-FI! Condensation of 30 years of crystallization masterpiece of the AVANCE, to achieve unprecedented beauty!


Launched in 2009, the flagship Century Lesi speaker, AVANCE once again embodies the advantages of daring to innovate, using double-folding ring diaphragm ultra-dynamic Revelator unit technology, fully enclosed independent chamber design technology and multi-angle reflection design technology, once again broke the audio industry Thirty years of silence.


In 2011, the art-like rosewood cabinet can't find any speakers in the same level of products. AVANCE strategic partner ScanSpeak's double-loop sound-guided rubidium magnetic tweeter, specially tailored for the Dana series, exhibits fast, high-frequency, clear and transparent high frequencies, making you unforgettable.