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1. Enterprise Guiding Principles


These principles are the eternal principles that we must think about carefully when we make big and small decisions every day.




Innovation and technology


Ideas, management, product innovation and technical services bring tangible benefits to customers.


Team development and collaboration


Inspire our best employees to stay and encourage others to join, like-minded, orderly division of labor, mutual cooperation and cooperation.


Growth and development


Continue to consolidate, expand, and enhance our core advantages, harvest more customers, and provide development opportunities for our employees.


Company financial viability


The stable financial status of the company allows us to raise funds for research, innovation and long-term growth, and give back to our customers in a better manner.




2. Enterprise essence and values


The quality tempered by the essence and values is the quality that every employee knows we want them to have,


And it is the cornerstone of the AVANCE audio culture.




At AVANCE Sound,


We have a passion,


That is to make things better;


We put a lot of effort into carrying out scientific exploration and invention activities,


To discover new ideas and develop new products;


We create enlightening functions for our customers, which are based on scientific design principles,


Very unique and pleasant experience environment and feelings;


We try to develop a kind that can motivate us to pursue excellence


And an environment where human potential is fully realized.






We conduct business with sincerity.


We must be in our transactions with customers, suppliers and each other


Demonstrate the highest standards of professional ethics.


We must obtain the support and trust of others,


And build his reputation through his honesty and respect for others.


We expect AVANCE Audio employees to be frank and honest in all business transactions,


And the behavior is consistent with company values.






We strive for excellence in everything we do.


Excellence is our way of survival.


It has always been an integral part of our company credo.


We hope that our products, employees, practices and leaders can do this.


Our attitude is to always challenge ourselves and hope each other can do better.






We encourage innovation in all aspects of our work.


Research, innovation and invention are the essence of the company.


Our success stems from our breaking the tradition to explore new methods and new concepts.


Innovation must penetrate all aspects of the company's work.


We must create a way to encourage everyone


Expand their imagination and ability and support them in pursuing their ideas.






We have a strong passion for everything we do that the company supports.


Passion and passion for what you do


So that we can achieve the highest performance and innovation standards set for ourselves.


We think of people who are focused, motivated, and energetic in what they do


Let your enthusiasm infect others.


We come from leaders who defend their views and encourage employees to achieve higher levels of achievement


Benefit a lot.






We respect others.


Mutual respect and trust are the foundation of an effective working relationship.


We recognize that collaboration with each other and between groups is essential to our success.


This means that each of us must communicate frankly,


Communicate different opinions and respect others and treat others fairly.






In short, we are creating value for customers.


We must collaborate with our colleagues,


Ensure that all our contributions can add value to customers.


We consider things from the perspective of customers;


We always try to understand their needs;


The products and services we provide are durable,


Bring unexpected joy to customers.