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The rich design of the Danish AVANCE products and the Nordic style revealed from the beginning of the establishment of the Dana series have been passed down to today's Dana 7 bookshelf speakers. The 2-way 2-unit box structure is equipped with a ScanSpeak dual-ring sound wave-guided rubidium tweeter. The sharp phase cone in the center of the double-loop silk diaphragm is helpful to improve the extension of UHF; while the mid-bass unit is ScanSpeak The new product uses high-density composite materials for the diaphragm. These units are specially ordered by ScanSpeak, so the inner structure and performance are much better than other mass-produced products with the same appearance. Pure and transparent, it is the most true portrayal of the sound quality of Dana 7-the balance of high, middle and low frequencies is very good, the sound quality is excellent, the texture of the instrument is realistic, the details are detailed, the harmonic and air sense of the instrument is very good, full of energy and tension.

Product parameters:

Frequency range 46Hz~30KHz

Rated impedance 6Ω

Sensitivity 85dB

Recommended matching power 30W~80W

Tweeter 1x1"Scanspeak

Woofer 1x6.5" Scanspeak

Product Net Weight 9Kg/pc

Product size 230x340x402mm

Terminal block

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