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The rich Danish style design reveals the Nordic style. From the beginning of the establishment of Dana series, it has been inherited all the way to today's Dana 7 speakers. The box structure of 2 channels and 2 units is loaded with a ScanSpeak double ring acoustic wave guided rubidium magnetotweeter. The sharp phase cone in the center of the double ring silk diaphragm is conducive to improving the extension of UHF; The mid bass unit is a new product of scanspeak, and the diaphragm adopts high-density composite materials. These units are specially customized by AVANCE to ScanSpeak factory, so the inner structure and performance are much better than other mass-produced products of the same factory with the same appearance. Pure and transparent, it is the most true portrayal of Dana 7's sound quality and timbre - the balance of high, middle and low frequencies is very good, the sound quality is excellent, and it is full of energy and tension.

Frequency range              46Hz~30KHz

Rated impedance             6Ω

Sensitivity                         85dB

Rated power                     30W~80W

Tweeter                            1x1"Scanspeak

Woofer                             1x6.5" Scanspeak

Product Net Weight          9kg/pc

Product size                     230x340x402mm

Terminal block                  Bi-wiring