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The Dolby Panoramic Cinema

Dolby Atmos brings you into the storyline with realistic flowing sounds lingering around.


Dolby Atmos settings


You can enjoy the charm of Dolby Atmos simply by equipping a traditional home theater system with a soundbar or six speakers using Dolby Atmos technology.


The difference between Dolby Atmos


The sound effects will linger in your three-dimensional space, making you feel as if you are in the storyline. Experience how Dolby Atmos takes you into a wonderful world.


Dolby Atmos will upend your entertainment experience


Let the sound linger around you


The sound can be accurately deployed and flowed in the three-dimensional space without being restricted by the channel.


Increase the top dimension


The new sense of height will immerse you in the storyline, creating a complete audio atmosphere and realistically presenting the feeling of objects moving over your head.


Create breathtaking sound quality


Whether it is a dialogue, a silent scene or a whirlwind picture, Dolby Atmos can create exceptionally clear, full, detailed and deep sound effects.


Create a shocking mobile entertainment experience


All the pictures can stimulate your senses through sound effects, which will make your heart surge and bring you a full range of entertainment and shock.