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Fashion combination
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Product features:

1. Have red and orange two colors, can be personalized choice.

2. The shell is made of high density board and spray paint, with metal front panel, good sealing

3. The rounded and streamlined design is adopted at the corners of the box, which is low-key and not luxurious

4. It adopts the mainstream Bluetooth 4.2 technology on the market, with high efficiency and stable wireless transmission, and also supports USB connection playback

5. Neat key layout, rich functions and easy to use, play control, mode selection, volume adjustment

6. Four play modes: U disk play, FM radio play, external audio amplification play, Bluetooth play

7. The design of four silicone high feet at the bottom of the speaker plays a fixed role in the speaker. At the same time, it can avoid the resonance caused by high volume and ensure the purity of the sound

9. The 5-inch bass unit at the bottom of the speaker, with four silicone foot pads, is arranged around the bass unit, making the sound of the bass unit have good diffusion

Output power 20w-40w

Frequency range 75hz-20khz

Rated resistance pit 8dB

Two coaxial tweeters, 8 Ω, 13 cores

Coaxial Bass 2 8 Ω, 3 inches

Subwoofer 5 "

The weight of the product is 5.3kg

Package size 460x120x226mm

Color specification: red, orange