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Amplifier combination

Amplifiers are amplifiers for electron tubes

some of which are used for amplification and others for polishing.

The tube amplifier has his unique "bile taste"

the sound is warm and listening/good music/good atmosphere.

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The appearance of ADV-160 is undoubtedly the leader among similar products, both in workmanship and ease of use are well reflected in terms of sound performance.


■ Power amplifier and signal source are separated separately, designed and developed according to the standard of high-fidelity HIFI audio

■ Tube power amplification, pure and warm sound

■ After multiple manual grinding process box

■ The speaker is a three-way reflection design, the duct type treble is bright and transparent

■ CD/MP3 and other formats can play all

■ USB port access to meet the needs of online music download life

■ Classic round dial display design

■ Precision processed champagne gold brushed metal panel

Rated impedance 4Ω

Output power (power amplifier) 40Wx2 (stereo, 1KHZ, 8Ω)

Frequency range (power amplifier) 10Hz-85KHz

Audio signal to noise ratio (power amplifier) 82dB

Sensitivity 85dB

Product weight 18Kg

Audio size (WxDxH) 156x300x294mm

Host size (WxDxH) 271x340x145mm

Player size (WxDxH) 271x310x65mm

Place of Origin China