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HI-FI amplifier
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The harmonics of the A-50 tube power amplifier are very rich, the sound quality is gentle, sweet and soft, and the music is vivid. It is more rounded and appealing than the transistor power amplifier-your first choice for your music journey!


1. A-50 pure gallbladder, pure hand-made, the whole machine adopts scaffolding welding

2. Adopt two high-quality broadband response EI output transformers

3. High-power toroidal power transformer specially developed for this machine

4. Two 6N9P and 6N8P vacuum tubes are used in the front stage

5. The rear stage uses four KT88 vacuum tubes for class AB push-pull power amplification

6. The plug-in vacuum tube protective cover is easy to install to prevent burns when the electronic tube is overheated

7. Adopt fever-grade imported signal processing wires

8, 8 ohms provide speaker output impedance selection

Product parameters:

Input sensitivity 600mV/47KΩ

Output power FL/FR50Wx2CH

Frequency response 20Hz-30KHz

Harmonic distortion 0.50%

Signal to noise ratio 90dB

Power consumption ≤300W

Power supply voltage ~220V±5% 50Hz

Net weight 28Kg/set

Gross weight 36.5Kg/box

Product size (WxDxH) 430x400x215mm

Packing size (WxDxH) 546x516x341mm

Packing form 1pc/Carton

Place of Origin China