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HI-FI amplifier
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A-30T is a high-fidelity combined power amplifier with front bile and back stone structure. The front end uses a pair of AVANCE specially customized, and carefully selected low noise 12AU7 tubes are responsible for pre-amplification. Adopt classic and mat


1. Champagne golden all-metal thickened body, made by Danish craftsmanship

2. Personalized double-knob operating system to realize humanized design concept

3. Fever-level external high-efficiency cooling system

4. Professional power processing device

5. 150000UF "big water pond" capacitor, providing strong electrical energy

6. Twelve Sanken top power amplifiers

7. XLR balanced input terminal

8. 400W HI-FI bridge output

9. All-metal multi-function remote control

Product parameters:

Input sensitivity 175mV/10KΩ

Output power FL/FR162Wx2CH/8Ω; FL/FR272Wx2CH/4Ω

Frequency response 10Hz-70KHz

Harmonic distortion 0.10%

Signal to noise ratio 90dB

Power consumption ≤1200W

Power supply voltage ~220V±5% 50Hz

Net weight 50Kg/set

Gross weight 65Kg/carton

Product size (WxDxH) 440x545x245mm

Packing size (WxDxH) 680x632x386mm

Packing form 1pc/Carton

Place of Origin China