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On the occasion of the forty years, the Danish AVANCE has invested heavily in the launch of the new DAC single-channel top-end fever A3. It is worth mentioning that the AVANCE A3 single-end post-level core technology uses the Danish original ICEpower top


1.The thick magnesium alloy chassis and the wing radiator up to 12CM are perfect for the theater system

2. It can reduce the resonance of the sound resonance to the power amplifier, so that it can be stable and powerful when the video is replayed

3. The ICEpower module 1000ASP is used, and the single-ended output reaches 1000W

4. High-quality switching power supply, power factor correction system of power supply, faster exchange speed

5. RF (radio frequency) and EM (electromagnetic wave) radiation is lower

7. The voltage of the supply output stage is more stable

8. A3 can be perfectly matched with the multi-channel decoding pre-stage to reproduce the live scene of audio and video

9. A3 is available for two groups of fever level access mode BALRCA

Product parameters:

Input sensitivity 1.5V/10KΩ

Output power 1KHz 8Ω612.5W/1KHz 4Ω 1156W

Frequency range 10Hz-36KHz

Harmonic distortion 0.10%

Signal to noise ratio 110dB

Power consumption ≤1400W

Power supply voltage ~220V±5% 50Hz

Net weight 30Kg/set

Gross weight 33Kg/carton

Product size (WxDxH) 540x440x150mm

Packing size (WxDxH) 621x552x235mm

Packing form 1pc/Carton

Place of Origin China