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Echo Wall Sound

The echo wall can be said to be tailor-made for flat-screen TVs,

Speakers used to make up for the lack of sound quality of flat-screen TVs,

It can be said to be a simplified home theater system with easy installation.

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The bass is powerful and powerful, high-quality full-range speakers, cinema-grade sound effects 11 speaker units, 3D surround sound effects, the sound is more round and realistic

All-wood speaker special plate clean and delicate sound

HIFI audio special all-wood board to reduce standing wave interference and restore sound truly

The symmetrical design of the speaker unit makes the sound field distribution more balanced

Reject the unbalanced top-heavy sense of the low-frequency echo wall, full of low-frequency latent texture and rich details

11 unit scientific layout

Subwoofer 8Ω, 75-800Hz, 85dB, 40-80W

Middle and high tweeter 8Ω, 78-20KHz, 85dB, 20-40

Woofer 2*5 inch 12Ω

Tweeter 3*20 core 6Ω

Midrange unit 6*3 inch 12Ω

Input sensitivity Main channel 605mV

                          Center channel 240mV

                          Bass channel 520mV

Output power main channel 26Wx2


                          Bass channel 30W

Frequency response Main channel 17Hz-25KHz

                         Center channel 100Hz-25KHz

                         Bass channel 10Hz-150KHz

Harmonic distortion Main channel ≤0.1%

                         Center channel 0.1%

                         Bass channel 0.1%

Product size 1000*291*120

Packing size 1209x377x209

Product Net Weight 15KG

Country of origin China