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Echo Wall Sound

The echo wall can be said to be tailor-made for flat-screen TVs,

Speakers used to make up for the lack of sound quality of flat-screen TVs,

It can be said to be a simplified home theater system with easy installation.

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AVANCE--The sound industry has settled for more than 46 years, and has been focusing on and persisting in the spirit of the Danish AVANCE craftsman. There is only one principle: to continuously pursue and explore high-quality sound, restore the true natur

AT20 combines Dolby Atmos technology to create a vivid "height" of sound;

Let the sound be surrounded by the body as if you are in the plot of the story, and feel the atmosphere like the protagonist as the plot changes.

Full-range speaker unit

Provides bright treble, clear midrange and strong bass

Humanized remote control

One-touch operation is more convenient

Control USB playback

Music/TV/Movie mode easy to switch

Power Acoustic wall audio power: DC 18V 2A

                        Wireless subwoofer power: AC100-240 V, 50/60Hz 900mA


Speaker impedance Acoustic wall sound: 8Ωx2

                        Wireless subwoofer: 4Ω


Dimensions: Echo Wall Sound: 940x66x80mm

                       Wireless subwoofer: 170x340x312mm


Net weight 7.5Kg


Maximum output echo wall sound: 20W+20W

                       Wireless subwoofer: 60W


Input USB USB2.0

                       OPTICAL OPTICAL

                       ANALOG 3.5mm stereo jack

                       ARC audio return channel


Bluetooth version Version 2.1+EDR

                      Transmission power class Class 2

                      The maximum communication range is about 10 meters (will vary according to the environment)

                      Dealing with pairing file A2DP

                      Frequency band 2.4GHz band