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Bluetooth audio
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Product selling points:


1. High-strength glass fiber reinforced plastic box, once formed, to prevent harmful harmonic vibration


2. Trapezoidal box design is more conducive to the diffusion of sound waves when placed on the table


3. Multi-color paint cabinet, fashionable taste


4. The internal multi-layer box structure effectively prevents the generation of harmful standing waves and makes the sound more transparent


5. More audio source connection options, Bluetooth technology application, SD card reading, convenient exposure to digital life


6. AVANCE original HIFI digital amplifier chip, super power amplifier


7. The original horn unit of AVANCE makes the sound effect extremely fax


Rated impedance 6Ω

Output power (power amplifier) 20Wx2 (1KHz, 8Ω)

Frequency range (power amplifier) 30Hz-15KHz

Audio signal-to-noise ratio (power amplifier) 90dB (A-weighted)

Sensitivity 85dB

Product Net Weight 5.3Kg

Audio size (WxDxH) 128x250x200mm

Color specifications: white, yellow, red

Place of Origin China