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Bluetooth audio
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Product selling point: subvert the traditional digital audio experience AVANCE, as a high-end audio brand in the audiophile world, is recognized as a luxury product in Europe. AVANCE products at each stage are regarded as milestones in contemporary HI-FI


1. A glass synthetic steel box is used to form a perfect sound cavity

2. Three-color piano paint colorful box

3. Independent cabinet design, high and low bass performance is more perfect

4. Unique bright lacquer design, subvert all appearance defects caused by cheap plastic.

5. Bluetooth technology enjoys wireless freedom, seamlessly connects to the mobile phone's Bluetooth wireless transmission, breaking the traditional audio concept, gaining popularity with digital HI-FI,

6. Contains digital power amplifier, built-in audiophile-grade HI-FI audio processing chip, in this small box contains a total of AVANCE electro-acoustic technology to ensure that the music presents a high resolution level


Output power (RMS) 15Wx2 (1KHz, 8Ω)

Frequency response 10Hz-50Hz

Signal to noise ratio 90dB

Input sensitivity 500mV/47kΩ

Product net weight 2.2Kg

Product size (WxDxH) Φ140mm

Power supply (DC IN) 20V/3.25A

FW band 87.5-108MHz

Color specifications: red, white, orange

Place of Origin China