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AVANCE, as a high-end audio brand in the audiophile world, is recognized as a luxury product in Europe. AVANCE products at each stage are regarded as milestones in contemporary HI-FI audio design, even stylish mini-combination audio is no exception; with



1. 2.0-channel high-fidelity power amplification mini combination audio


2. USB port access meets network music download


3. Compatible with DVD, DVCD, CD, CD-R, VCD, MP3, MP4, etc.


4. Bluetooth function, can receive Bluetooth signals such as smart phones


5. Quartz phase-locked loop two-band AM/FM digital radio, 40 radio storage


6. External audio input, can directly enjoy digital music from computer audio


7. Full-featured infrared remote control


8. Four-color piano paint colorful cabinet


9. The power amplifier uses the original Danish ice power power amplifier motherboard with strong output


10. Original Danish AVANCE speaker unit with pure sound


11. Independent cabinet design, high and low bass performance is more perfect

Rated impedance 4Ω

Output power (power amplifier) 45Wx2CH (1KHz, 4Ω)

Frequency range (power amplifier) 300Hz-90KHz

Audio signal-to-noise ratio (power amplifier)> 90dB (A-weighted)

Sensitivity 88dB

Product weight 15.5Kg

Audio size (WxDxH) 230x233.9x300mm

Host size (WxDxH) 300x248.9x128mm

Color specifications: red, white, orange

Place of Origin China

ADV-190 (white) home effect:

ADV-190 (orange) home effect:  

ADV-190 (red) home effect: