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Amplifier combination

Amplifiers are amplifiers for electron tubes

some of which are used for amplification and others for polishing.

The tube amplifier has his unique "bile taste"

the sound is warm and listening/good music/good atmosphere.

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AW-175 Gorgeous and elegant The original sound of the fever is reproduced, and a new legend is created, just to experience the wonderful music journey of the warm and delicate bile. Beyond the work of music supremacy, a new upgraded reference flagship fla



1. Tone characteristics: warm and thick, full, rich, dense, delicate, loose and flexible, smooth and natural. Emotional expression is in place. Especially suitable for enjoying music at home. The elegant and noble design also adds a gorgeous atmosphere to your home.




2. The amplifier of the amplifier uses the AV84 custom-made top fever EL84 bile duct & 12AX7 bile duct (2 12AX7 in the front voltage amplification stage, 4 EL84 in the rear stage push-pull power amplifier), the combination of these 2 bile ducts is very famous, clear and transparent The timbre, warm vocal performance, large dynamic string music can cope with it, and have extremely excellent performance.




3. The amplifier uses two high-efficiency wide-band toroidal transformers to ensure the powerful power output of the AW175. When enjoying large dynamic strings and low-frequency dynamics, the depth of the sound field is wide, the scene is large enough, and the low frequency is fast. Sneak a foot, absolutely not dragging mud.




4. The speakers adopt AVANCE second-generation ribbon tweeter bookshelf speakers. Treble uses AVANCE's unique ribbon horn dual magnet system to ensure extremely high power carrying capacity and precise sonic motion. The surface layer of the ribbon is precisely coated with a special coating by hand, so that the high frequency response remains smooth and clean even above 20kHz, and there is no wave peak or depression caused by other tweeter materials. It has the high analytical power of our Danish AVANCE tradition, showing every detail in the high frequency band and a clear, vivid and vivid sound image. When enjoying the human voice, it is transparent and bright, without a little burr, and the sound level and transient response are very good. The mid-low frequency unit is a high-power TSP mid-bass unit. It uses a strong neodymium magnet structure and has a higher sensitivity. With the precision-shaped aluminum voice coil, the vibration system maintains extremely low distortion while recovering quickly, and restores strong. Dynamic and impactful low frequency.

Rated impedance 4Ω

Output power (power amplifier) 10Wx2 (stereo, 1KHZ, 4Ω)

Frequency range (power amplifier) 10Hz-40KHz

Audio signal to noise ratio (power amplifier) 90dB

Sensitivity 85dB

Product weight 33.4Kg

Audio size (WxDxH) 192x250x310mm

Host size (WxDxH) 280x400x182mm

Player size (WxDxH) 280x361x75mm

Place of Origin China