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Amplifier combination

Amplifiers are amplifiers for electron tubes

some of which are used for amplification and others for polishing.

The tube amplifier has his unique "bile taste"

the sound is warm and listening/good music/good atmosphere.

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AVANCE ADV-370 is an affordable value version of its popular product ADV-160. It has a beautiful and expensive appearance, and the sound is as real, full, and atmospheric as ever. Restore true voice". The biggest difference between the ADV-370 and th


1. Redesigned inside and outside, the player and the main unit of the power amplifier use the same wooden frame and brushed metal, and the style is transcendent.

2. Comprehensive and multi-functional audio and video functions, the ADV-370 playback host can support DVD and CD reading, and also supports USB connection playback

3. Wireless transmission is indispensable for audio products in the new era. ADV-370 adds Bluetooth wireless connection, which is convenient for connection with various smartphones.

4. One-key pairing with wireless Bluetooth connection. After pairing, sound playback is normal, and there is no phenomenon of sound jamming and distortion caused by delay.

5. The classic combination of 5-inch mid-bass unit and 1-inch tweeter unit, with mature cross-frequency electronic circuit, to ensure clear sound details

6. The power amplifier host provides 50W peak power, which is enough to meet the driving needs of various bookshelf speakers. The gold-plated speaker terminals are more full of HiFi taste

7. The golden round sound pressure meter is full of retro and elegant texture, and inherits the classic beauty of AVANCE 

Rated impedance 4Ω

Output power (power amplifier) 36Wx2 (stereo, 1KHZ, 8Ω)

Frequency range (power amplifier) 10Hz-85KHz

Audio signal to noise ratio (power amplifier) 92dB

Sensitivity 85dB

Product Net Weight 19Kg

Sound size (WxDxH) 172x250x290mm

Host size (WxDxH) 271x330x153mm

Player size (WxDxH) 271x370x75mm

Place of Origin China