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Adopt ADI DSP chip combined with AVANCE's latest DSP audio algorithm high precision, fast speed and high stability;


Adopt ADI's top audio digital-to-analog conversion chip to'present perfect high-fidelity sound';


Two microphones are independently adjustable.


Tuning interface with sound field spectrum display, auxiliary tuning;


Each channel has the function of speaker processor, which makes the system more perfectly combined;


Two kinds of microphone bottom sounds are optional. Choose different bottom sounds according to the difference between the speaker and the environment to achieve a perfect product combination;


Dedicated microphone independent processing circuit to make the microphone sound more beautiful (optimized sound);


OLED color display screen enhances visual sense and intuitively displays tuning connection;


Microphone 15-band parametric equalization adjustment, music 7-band parametric equalization adjustment, each channel speaker correction 7-band parametric equalization adjustment, effect 3-band parametric equalization adjustment;


Each channel has phase adjustment, adjustable delay of 50ms, independent controllable mute, pressure limit, independent controllable volume of music microphone effect, adjustable high and low cut slope.


AVANCE's latest 8-level anti-howling technology.

Bluetooth receiving port


Input selection

Save button manually

Music mode selection key

Enter the center button

SYSTEM, press this key to enter system parameter adjustment

Up/down parameter selection button during function parameter adjustment

Menu up/down page key when adjusting function parameters

Effect mode selection key

Mode selection keys for microphone input 1 and input 2

Mode selection key for microphone input 3

Knobs for adjusting parameters during function parameter adjustment

Infrared remote control receiving window

OLED display

Music up and down control and reset

Effect volume adjustment button

Microphone volume adjustment button

Music volume adjustment button

Microphone input socket and microphone input adjustment