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Loyal to pure music-AVANCE Audio
2020-04-24 16:41:34

Denmark, a country full of cultural heritage, is not only rich in fairy tales, but also a global industrial design power. Many world-renowned audio brands have been born here, and audio enthusiasts also call it the audio kingdom.

Among them, AVANCE Audio, founded in 1973, has become the world's top audio brand by virtue of its persistent pursuit of real sound. It has remained glorious in the past half a century.

From the pursuit of music

The birth of the AVANCE audio brand stems from the love of the founder Poul Rossing (Paul. Le Saint) for music. His life has been linked to the audio business. His father is a famous local HI-FI audio agent. The environment was tainted. He had been interested in sound since he was a child. Later, under the careful guidance of his father, Poul began making DIY audio products. His subsequent career in the band also gave him a different view of the sound, which affected his future design philosophy. .

Due to his constant interest in speakers, Poul founded Avance International A/S in 1973 and began producing audio products under the AVANCE brand.

AVANCE was established in the coastal town of Denmark in the early days. Later, as the company grew stronger,

Relocated to the town of Haining in the Midwest, one of the few global companies in Denmark

AVANCE has emerged as a trend leader since its inception, launching the world's first pair of concrete-designed speakers. This thick white box, through a one-piece molding method, plus a customized sound-generating unit, was received from the beginning of the market. The community attaches great importance.

This pair of Hi-End speakers with asymmetrical shapes using concrete as the box

Because of the super high resolution and dynamic response, it is praised as a god by global enthusiasts

The success of the research and development of concrete sounds made AVANCE a blockbuster. However, due to the increase in production and the inconvenience of concrete speaker production, Poul began to invest in the production of wooden speakers. This type of speaker has a typical Nordic style. It had a place in the world's audio circle at that time.

At the same time, AVANCE began to enter the international market, establishing branches in the United States, Britain, Germany, France and other countries, and quickly turned a local brand into a world-renowned brand.

Yafa series launched in 1983, its first two-way half and multi-room design

Selected as the most cost-effective product of the same level by industry experts

The "Yamiga" series launched in the later period has been the European sales champion for three consecutive years.

Laid AVANCE's historical position in the audio field

Step into China and explore new fields

With its amazing sound quality performance and affordable prices, AVANCE won praise in the fierce market competition. In 1990, AVANCE officially entered the Chinese market and held more than 200 large-scale Chinese tour audio-visual music appreciation concerts during 10 years.

This move has also made a significant contribution to the domestic audio culture, allowing many people to experience the charm of high-end audio for the first time, and the first time to know the diverse gameplay of equipment matching, which has cultivated many outstanding audio practitioners for the domestic audio industry.

Poul was interviewed about the promotion of domestic audio culture

1995 Romantic Jinghua Senior Audiovisual Appreciation Meeting (Beijing Concert Hall)

In 1996, the Shanghai Senior Audiovisual Appreciation Meeting (Shanghai)

1998 Voice of the Century Hi-Fi Appreciation Meeting (Chongqing Station)

At the same time, the Daya Maillin and Century Sound Boxes, which were introduced by tour enthusiasts for music appreciation, were still talked about by the enthusiasts.

Century series launched in 1997

It is the world's first audio system designed with a mix of aluminum alloy and wood materials

Once again led the trend of speaker design

With the rapid economic development of the Asia-Pacific region and the unremitting efforts of the audio industry, the influence and development prospects of the Chinese audio market have attracted attention. In order to better develop and maintain the Chinese regional market, AVANCE announced in China on the occasion of the millennium Set up a branch to transfer some of the low- and mid-priced products to China for production, with European-style design and strict quality management.

In 2002, the first AVANCE audio store was officially opened in Guangzhou. In order to cooperate with the launch of the store, AVANCE combined Danish technology with Chinese characteristics and successively produced a number of new products tailored for Chinese consumers.

In 2009, Century Music Speaker was launched, which is the crystallization masterpiece of condensing the AVANCE for 30 years.

Celebration of the 45th anniversary of the launch of the Century 45th anniversary celebration speaker

Following the design of the first generation of the Century series, the combined structure of high and low bass independent sound rooms is adopted

As the design of speakers has diversified, AVANCE began to advocate a new concept of home audio, launched the Style lifestyle and leisure series, and at the same time, in line with the development of audio and video products, launched portable products such as fever amplifier combination series, Bluetooth audio and other, and aimed at home In line with the environment of professional home theater, it has launched home theater series products such as King and Beida, which are favored by Hi-Fi consumer groups nowadays.

King K series noble luxury, elegant and timeless style

Combining the handwriting of the AVANCE masters, it combines the beauty of elegant appearance and the purity of HI-FI sound quality.

In order to better serve the Chinese market and provide better products, AVANCE Audio opened an official Chinese office in Guangzhou, and set up a brand culture experience hall to provide complete product display and after-sales service. From the original concrete speakers, aluminum alloy speakers and long-lasting wooden speaker series, to the home theater series, custom installation series that have continuously evolved in response to the audio development trend, and the living room theater and on-demand theater products that have been selling in recent years, There is everything here and there is nothing to do.

Located at 1161 North Panyu Avenue, Panyu District, Guangzhou

AVANCE Audio Brand Experience Hall

Lies in restoring the real sound

"The essence of sound lies in restoring the real sound" is AVANCE's understanding of sound, and it is also the basic principle of AVANCE design products. Therefore, AVANCE attaches great importance to the application of high-quality loudspeaker units. In AVANCE products, in addition to using its own high-tech fever unit, AVANCE also uses local advantages, widely and well-known European manufacturers Scan-speak, Icepower, Jantzen, Mundorf , WBT, KR audio cooperated in-depth to jointly develop customized units for AVANCE.

The product adopts precision equipment to assist design, supplemented by a large number of actual auditions for unit debugging. At the same time, AVANCE pays attention to the integration of appearance design and functional design, forming a high degree of balance and coordination. With excellent and superior production technology, it represents Denmark’s Design taste。

"High-fidelity audio that can be affordable by music lovers"-This is the central concept that AVANCE Audio has always implemented. It only pursues products that have something to say, rejecting the flashy design. It is also the glory of AVANCE Audio for more than 40 years. Sake.

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