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1. Double box structure, the inner layer is made of thickened super-hard MDF board

2. The flat vibrating membrane of the copper belt tweeter is made of highly heat-resistant materials, the action of the vibrating membrane is uniform and fast, and the sound is transparent and natural

3. The cone of the midrange unit achieves the best rigidity/mass ratio. A newly designed special phase plug is installed in the center of the cone, which eliminates sound compression and makes the sound more penetrating

4. The middle and high frequency are all horn-type design, the sound wave diffusion ability is stronger

5. Specially-made woofer, using a highly rigid air-dried paper cone, coated with a layer of anti-harmonic damping material, super long stroke voice coil has double stroke and better than other same diameter cone Dynamic gain

Product parameters:

Frequency range 37Hz~20KHz

Rated impedance 4Ω

Sensitivity 90dB

Recommended matching power 50W~300W


Alto unit    1x2.5" cloth dome midrange

Woofer 2x8" black paper cone

Net weight 30.3Kg

Product size 315x425x1257mm

Home renderings:

Theater renderings: