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Leisure Series

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design of the Danish AVANCE electro-acoustic authority

excellent performance is in the same vein

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As Europe’s largest audio manufacturer, AVANCE’s consistent commitment is the unremitting pursuit of sound quality and appearance, giving audio a new meaning. The pure, refined and simple Nordic modern design. The combination of traditional craftsmanship

Main technical characteristics:

1. The AVANCE second-generation sound field adjustment system can set the optimal placement position and sound propagation angle according to the size of your home, so that your sound can be adjusted to the best state according to your preferences.

2. Unique gas and magnetic field simulation technology, good transient response, and effective gain to the sound at the same time, the sound performance is smooth, loud and full of rhythm.

3. A unique relatively small-capacity resonant acoustic cavity design and unique inverted airflow internal channel design increase the low-frequency sound pressure and broaden the low-frequency response range, which can effectively eliminate resonance and box standing waves and increase the effect of low-frequency sound radiation , Making the bass sound from the small speakers mellow and heavy, shocking and powerful, full of flexibility, and more expressive music.

4. AVANCE's new full-frequency coaxial unit-the use of imported high-loss, fatigue-resistant rubber folding ring; long-stroke linear displacement design, composite paper-based cone diaphragm can also make listening more affinity. The unique damping material is used inside the diaphragm, which can make the diaphragm have better internal resistance characteristics. Long-stroke folding ring, high temperature resistant skeleton and other technologies are all reflected in this full-frequency unit, to convey the connotation and soul of sound and music, and bring the user immersive sound field sound effects.

technical parameter

Resistance    4Ω

Recommended matching power 20W ~ 40W

Frequency range 300Hz-13KHz

Sensitivity 85dB

Low/midrange unit 2x3.5" paper cone, cloth edge

Ruler    inch 79x91x163mm

Net weight (each) 0.75kg

Terminal block