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Amplifier combination

Amplifiers are amplifiers for electron tubes

some of which are used for amplification and others for polishing.

The tube amplifier has his unique "bile taste"

the sound is warm and listening/good music/good atmosphere.

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ADV-170, a graceful and luxurious, top-quality mini-speaker, is perfect from appearance to sound performance. Don't look at its stylish, noble, petite and exquisite figure, although the body is not large, but the weight is full, which reflects the rig



1. DVD/CD/MP3 and other formats can be played


2. Multiple HD video format output such as component video/composite video


3. Fever-grade tube power amplification AVANCE original fever unit


3. Classic pointer dial display design cherry log appearance


4. Split design of power amplifier and signal source


5. Precision processed champagne gold brushed metal panel

Frequency range 50Hz-20KHz

Rated impedance 4Ω

Sensitivity 85dB

Rated power 30W-60W

Output power (RMS) 7Wx2CH

Product weight 30Kg

Packing size (WxDxH) 840x450x414mm

Place of Origin China

ADV-170BT home effect: