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1. Use CD-specific high-precision movement, with good stability and strong reading ability.

2. Servo circuit uses imported chips, sound source chips and decoding.

4. Fever-level multi-layer filter circuit, effectively remove the digital smell in the audio signal, perfectly restore the audio signal output.

5. The machine uses two vacuum tubes with good timbre and full of boldness as the amplifier circuit and high-fidelity op amp output. Multiple groups are available. Equipped with coaxial digital signal output terminal, can be connected with external audio decoder.

6. Coupling circuit adopts audiophile-grade non-polarity (MKP) capacitor and audiophile-grade audio special electrolysis for filtering.

7. The power transformer is made of imported audio special silicon steel sheet (thickness 0.35mm) and high-strength oxygen-free copper enameled wire and special winding process, which can make the machine have less electromagnetic interference, strong driving force, and strong and transparent sound quality.


Product parameters:

Input sensitivity

Output power 2.0V

Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz

Harmonic distortion 0.50%

Signal to noise ratio 90dB

Power supply voltage ~220V±5% 50Hz

Net weight 10Kg

Gross weight 11.5Kg

Product size (WDH) 440x362x106.5mm

Package size (WDH) 555x455x595mm

Packing form 3pc/Carton