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The AVANCE MINI SERIES mini series is based on the concept of design and manufacture to complete the production of each model. The product with perfect sound quality and perfect appearance is our advantage over other similar products. The sound of ADV-390



1. The box body is made of raw wood, and the surface of the box body is treated by multiple manual polishing and lacquering


2. Original Danish technology: Fever coaxial unit


3. Can receive the Bluetooth signal function of mobile devices such as smart phones, notebook computers, etc.


4. Fever-level tube power amplifier system,


5. Multiple HD audio format output


6. Original Danish AVANCE speaker unit with pure sound


7. Independent cabinet design, high and low bass performance is more perfect




Impedance 4Ω

Output power (power amplifier) 15W-30W

Frequency range 90Hz-20KHz

Sensitivity 82dB

Speaker unit 1 inch treble, 4 inch mid-bass

Product weight 8.5Kg

Product size (WxDxH) 120x240x195mm

Host size (width x depth x height) 88x270x210mm

Country of origin China

ADV-390 home effect: