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It turns out that natural simplicity is so charming! The classic noble dark black piano lacquer combined with the elegant and delicate cherry-shaded wooden cabinet completely corresponds to the modern family's pursuit of stylish decoration, which look


1. Ultra-thin and simple design

2. Classic noble dark black piano paint front panel

3. Elegant and delicate cherry shadow wooden cabinet

4. Classic horn type treble, wider diffusion angle

5. Double magnetic cylinder long stroke high efficiency bass unit

6. New precision sawtooth star bullet midrange unit

7. Double-layer anti-harmonic shock nail base

Product parameters:

Frequency response range 40Hz~20KHz

Rated impedance 6Ω

Sensitivity 88dB

Rated power 50W~100W

Tweeter 1x1" silk film tweeter

Midrange unit 2x5.25" drum paper cone, oak edge

Woofer 1x8" drum paper loose pressure basin, oak edge

Net weight 18.5Kg/piece

Product size 204x345x1101mm

Terminal block

Home effect:

Theater effect: