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Reference series

Carefully polished by experts from the Danish AVANCE Sound Field

with years of professional intensive research

constantly interpreting modern audio and video concepts

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AVANCE wins over decades of deep understanding of sound and unambiguous material processing. Each unit of the 717 uses AVANCE original high-end speaker units tailored to the cabinet, ensuring the perfect performance of each unit.


Tweeter: It is an embedded hemispherical natural silk soft film tweeter with a special coating on the surface of the tweeter. The tweeter is very euphemistic. This special coating is very uniform and makes the tweeter The sound film is softer. The biggest advantage of this high-tech technical treatment is that it can effectively solve the phase shift that is most likely to occur when high frequency is working. It also increases the high frequency audio range and avoids the high directivity of the high frequency. Easy to cause harsh feeling, making the whole treble slender and soft.

Mid-bass unit: Its design is very special, it not only has a cavity that works independently, but its arrangement is very feverish. It adopts the same caliber and material of the mid-bass unit. This design can ensure that the mid-range unit works Consistency, truly achieve the effect of enhancing mid-bass in the same direction. Its sound basin uses a specially treated bulletproof glass fiber woven basin. This material has a soft texture and strong toughness. It is the most suitable material for displaying low-frequency characteristics.

Product parameters:

Impedance 8Ω

Matching power 40W-90W

Frequency response 50Hz-20KHz

Sensitivity 87dB

Low/midrange unit 1x6.5", 1x2"

Tweeter 1x1"

Product size 205x360x386mm

Net weight 9kg/pc

Terminal block

Home effect:

Theater effect: